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THE IFRS Global Banking BANK STATEMENT JANUARY 2012 NEWSLETTER With banks already facing revenue and cost challenges, sovereign debt impairment has come as an additional shock to the banking system,
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Our fourth newsletter provides a summary of IFRS developments for the period that ended 31 March 2012. On a consolidated basis, the consolidated income statement highlights the impact of the changes outlined in these notes in the period. In April 2012, the European Commission provided clear guidance on foreign financial reporting, as amended since the previous four issues, which includes a clarification of the current accounting definition of a counterparty. The new guidance will become effective for the reporting period ending 31 December 2013, consistent with the financial statement date shown on the consolidated document. We are following the current guidance of the European Commission in our global banking sector, and accordingly we are adjusting our reporting of derivative activities for the period. As of June 2012, the IFRS framework was in effect for all national central banks. Many international central banks had started to consider adopting this IFRS since 2005. However, since April 2012, changes in the IFRS framework have been implemented or are under discussion by foreign central banks. Consequently, we are providing this update in our fourth quarter update of IFRS for foreign banks. We have also updated our guidance and disclosure document, which is now available to clients. The change to disclosure is the adoption of an accounting measure that can be applied to the activities of financial statements and that includes financial instruments denominated in foreign currencies. It is important to note that the new disclosure measure does not include credit risk in accordance with our previous guidance on financial instruments denominated in currencies other than the local currency of the financial statement issuer. The objective of the disclosure measure is to enable more consistent disclosures. It should not reduce, alter or expand the scope and meaning of disclosures currently required under IFRS. This measure differs from the prior definition of “derivative financial instruments” which included certain derivative financial instruments that were convertible, exchangeable or exchangeable into a financial asset. Other changes to IFRS have also affected other parts of the global banking industry. In addition to the foregoing, a number of new and revised requirements have been implemented by foreign countries and the European Union since the previous quarter. Some principal changes to IFRS have been discussed below and discussed further in the next section of this newsletter. The following IFRS changes have impacted our global banking segment and the consolidated financial statements since the previous quarter: F.3 Derivative Financial Instruments In this section we discuss the change in the definition of a derivative financial instrument under IFRS and other changes to IFRS that have impacted our financial statements.
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Hi my name is Hector Garcia I'm a CPA an advanced QuickBooks Advisor and I want to show you one of my favorite tools that I use during taxes and to enter a lot of information that I get from bank statements into QuickBooks now there are some cases in which I don't need to send it to QuickBooks I just need to take the bank statement data and put it into Excel because I can do something with an Excel maybe I can file a tax return by preparing some reports in Excel but for the most part I do the work to go from a bank statement into Excel to clean it up and then ultimately go to QuickBooks so let me show you I'm going to take a bank statement that's here and this is the exact bank statement that I'm going to use for this example that you're looking at on the screen and this is a bank statement that was scanned by my client scanned a statement gave it to me gave me maybe twelve months worth of bank statements and says here do my accounting now normally without this special software I'm going to show you we will have to literally transcribe this information into Excel or QuickBooks unless you know our bank actually gave us access to the digital information, but this is only really useful for when we don't have access to the digital information and the software is called to QBO convert pro plus it's a 300 software yeah I know I would right it's a 300 our software you buy it by going into ww2 QuickBooks comm and once you go into that website let me show you what our website looks like, and you're going to scroll down you're going to have a couple of choices you're going to have CSV to quo QI f2 q VO PDF to QBO and to QBO convert pro plus the one I recommend the professional Edition which is the last one that's the one that allows you to convert multiple file types input and multiple file types output if you want to go straight just from a bank statement into QBO format to import into QuickBooks you can get simply get the PDF to QBO but the one that I like them two QBO convert Pro Plus that one can actually to scan bank statements it can do conversion to excel and conversion to big books bank feeds, so I'm going to show you how that works so the first thing I do is I launch the software and I take a look at my bank statement I usually write down the account number make sure that I'm using the correct account number when I create the file I click on settings I choose the bank, so I click here on lookup I type Chase select the bank hit OK then I type in the account number this is for me to tell the software that when it creates that digital file that QuickBooks knows which bank account to attach the transactions to, so I type in the account number there, and I hit OK then I click on convert I select my PDF file again this PDF file looks like this is this PDF file that's here it's a scanned version of the bank statement, and I'm going to click on preview this is going to take about 2 minutes 2 or 3 minutes because it does have to scan all the pages, and it...
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